The famed “Wingfoot” icon on the Cavs jerseys during the 2017-2018 season.

During the 2017-2018 season, the NBA started allowing teams to have logos present on their jerseys to increase revenue. Unlike soccer teams, who have logos plastered on the center of their jersey, the NBA took a more subtle route with the logo placement being in the upper right hand corner of the respective teams jersey.

You can view a great list that Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated compiled of the teams who actively have jersey sponsorships.

According to Forbes, the Cavaliers officially become the sixth NBA team to sign a jersey sponsorship deal. Goodyear reportedly paid $10 million per year to the franchise for the jersey sponsorships rights.

Why We Love It

Our Cleveland Digital Agency designs logos and websites on a regular basis for businesses. Our background gave us the confidence to chime in on the Goodyear logo on the Cavs jerseys.

Goodyear is a local company based in Akron, so there is a hometown connection between the brand and the team. Goodyear is also very supportive of the LeBron James Family Foundation, so this naturally feels like a great fit.

“Every Akron kid grew up seeing the Wingfoot in the sky on the blimp and feeling pride in our community,” LeBron James said in an article that appeared in Bleacher Report. “There is something special for me personally about having that logo on the Cavs uniform.”

On the contrary, the Golden State Warriors are sponsored by Rakuten, a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo. The Warriors sponsorship feels like a paid sponsorship. Whereas the Cavs deal seems more like a partnership.

Additionally, the famed Goodyear “wingfoot” logo is yellow, which matches perfectly with the Cavs different jerseys. The logo appears in navy on the Cavs’ road wine-and-gold uniforms and in wine on their home whites.

Worth the Money?

When you have LeBron James on your team, sponsorships are a lot more enticing, especially when you appear on national television frequently. According to Uproxx, The Warriors, Rockets, and Cavaliers top the list with 43, 40, and 39 nationally televised games a piece during the 2017-2018 season. This means more eyeballs on the Cavs jerseys, which means more exposure for Goodyear.

According to BET, Kim Kardashian charges nearly half a million dollars per Instagram post. LeBron James, if he wanted, could charge a similar rate. He has already posted numerous photos with the jersey and logo, so there is massive social media exposure.

Of course, there are other Cavs players that will post pictures of their jerseys onto social media along with journalists and fans. The Cavs are also featured in magazines, television ads and pretty much every marketing channel imaginable.

More Driven

For Goodyear, being associated with a local team and the most iconic athlete in the world is a win-win.